In terms of administration of our company, we have a structured and administrative staff with the latest method of modern business management and works as an integrated team.
The most important department are; public administration, production management, sales management, public relation department, export department, warehousing …etc

1- Art Department
Our designers are ready to Assist you in the development of your artwork and print layouts.
Also can help you to create an artwork from scratch

2- Sales Department
Our sales team trained to support you with the right size for the bag that will fit your product according to the standard sizes.

3- Quality Control
Our Quality control team follow a detailed quality tested printing and production process to ensure your artwork leaves both you and your customer feeling satisfied.


4- Export Department

Our Export team is currently exporting to 32 country and it is flourishing at a high speed due to the good quality that meets international standards.
Our export turnover is 70 % and expected to increase in 2014.

5- Warehousing

We have the facilities for orders needing deliveries, we manage orders for the global store chain or major corporate that require just –in- time deliveries weekly, monthly or single point delivery. We automatically monitor and manage the quantities of customer’s goods in the warehouse. 70 trucks for delivery